How To Install Roll Roofing Over Shingles

How To Install Roll Roofing Over Shingles

How To Install Roll Roofing Over Shingles. Since this is the least difficult of roofing materials to install, only basic carpentry skills are needed. Position the second row of roll roofing along the chalk line and overlap the roofing cement.

How To Install Roll Roofing Over ShinglesHow To Install Roll Roofing Over Shingles
How to Install Roll Roofing Materials, Tools and Installation Guide from

Place nails 1 inch from the edges and 6 inches apart. Then, nail down the drip flashing over the. This guide will help you prep for the big job ahead, whether you're installing steel roofing or using asphalt shingles.

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Make Sure That The Tape Is Wide Enough To Offer Adequate Coverage On Both Sides.

Clean and prepare the roof. The materials and labor for an asphalt shingle roof for a home of the same size range between $4,100 and $6,000. Nail the bottom edge of the second row the same way as before.

Tying Into An Existing Roof Shingle That Needs The Expertise Of An Ardent Roof Contractor Who Will Hack The Job And Deliver A Flawless Result.

Apply roofing cement with the trowel to the edges of the roof deck. Measure the height of the ceiling and add 2 to 4 inches to the measurement to account for the overhang. Tying into an existing roof shingle that needs the expertise of an ardent roof contractor who will hack the job and deliver a flawless result.

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[6] use a nail gun or nail and hammer to secure the felt to the plywood underneath the shingles. Place nails 1 inch from the edges and 6 inches apart. Step 15 cut shingles at the rake, snap a line directly above the edge of the existing shingles.

Things To Consider Before You Opt For A Reroof:

As the material uncurls, thoroughly clean your roof. Rolled roofing is less expensive per square foot, but shingles are a better product for a slightly. Make sure to check if the building code in the area you reside in allows the process of laying a new roof on top of an existing one, and if it does, how many layers are acceptable.

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The Two Pieces Should Meet Neatly At The Corners.

Before you get started installing, unroll the rolled roofing material on the ground to flatten it out. Nail or screw the underlayment and battens into the shingles. Install the eave piece first, then the rake piece over it.

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